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Daily Detox - 90 veggie capsules - Alleghany Nutrition
Daily Detox 90 veggie capsules

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Why Cleanse?

Many of us are exposed to toxins and stress on a daily basis. Harsh pollutants and pesticides are not the only dangers. Household items and personal care products also contain toxins. Not to mention some of the foods we eat on a daily basis and the stress in our lives that may cause some elimination issues. Our bodies are also naturally producing toxic byproducts at the cellular level on a daily basis. If toxins build up over time they can cause health imbalances.

Fortunately for us our bodies use a combination of organs to cleanse toxins from our system. However, due to the amount of toxins our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis our organs can be overwhelmed.

Some people may need additional support to help the body’s natural detoxification process. A healthy lifestyle along with a cleansing program is a step in the right direction towards a balanced system.

Many researchers believe that the accumulation of toxins may be at the root of disease.

One of the Reasons WHY we came out with this Product

When people feel better physically, they often feel better emotionally and are able to handle daily emotional stress more effectively. Being able to handle stress more effectively may also help the body physically which may help the body deal with emotional stress in return. The link between physical and emotional harmony is becoming better understood with more research but is often over looked. Both physical and emotional health need to be addressed when trying to overcome a health imbalance. A popular example of this that many people have heard of is the correlation between stress and stomach ulcers and other digestive imbalances. Eliminating toxins out of the body and relieving stress off of the body’s organs may help the body deal with daily stress in a more effective manner which in turn reinforces the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

How does your body Detox?

There are many filters in the body. The body has channels of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, skin, colon and more that all work together in the detoxification process.

Liver: converts destructive toxins into less harmful substances that the colon and kidneys can eliminate.

Colon: disposes waste from the digestive system and the liver.

Kidneys: remove waste products from the blood and eliminate it as urine.

Blood & Lymphatic System: transport toxins to organs for proper elimination

Skin: Secretes toxins and waste products.

A Natural Solution?

The Daily Detox is a systemic cleansing herbal formulation. It contains standardized herbal extracts for maximum potency along with enzymes to help in the cleansing process. It is designed to support and stimulate the detoxification organs throughout the body; resulting in blood and tissue cleansing by naturally stimulating the cleansing capacity of these organs.

The Daily Detox may prove to be a valuable part of your daily health quest. We are completely committed to helping you achieve wellness.

Daily Detox Features:
  • 100% Vegetable Capsules
  • Made in USA
  • Not a Proprietary Blend
  • Available in 90 Capsules
  • Functional in a wide pH Range
  • Gluten Free
  • No Fillers
  • Standardized Herbal Extracts
  • Plant-Derived

Daily Detox
Supplemental Facts & Serving Size
CAPSULES PER BOTTLE: 90 count bottle.
SUGGESTED SERVING SIZE: 1 or 2 Capsules in between meals
Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 or 2 capsules three times per day preferably in morning, mid-afternoon, and evening on an empty stomach; depending on individual needs, or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For best results, adults should drink at least 8-eight ounce glasses of water daily.
Contains no corn, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar or fillers.
Ingredients Amt/1 capsule Description
(Ingredients Per Capsule)
Dandelion Extract
Standardized to 20% Taraxasterols (root)
60 MG Below
Milk Thistle Extract
Standardized to 80% Silymarin (seed/fruit)
60 MG Below
Yellow Dock Extract
Standardized 4:1 (Rumex Crispus)
60 MG Below
Black Walnut Extract
Standardized 10:1 (hul) (Juglans Nigra)
60 MG Below
Gotu Kola Extract
Standardized to 16% Triterpences (aerial)
40 MG Below
Ginger Extract
Standardized to 5% Gingerols (root)
40 MG Below
Turmeric Extract
Standardized to 95% Curcumin (root)
30 MG Below
pH range is 4 to 10
50,000 FCC/HUT Breaks down protein.
(Beef, chicken, fish, vegetable protein)
Acid Stable Protease
pH range is 2 to 5
100 FCC/SAPU Breaks down acidic protein
(found in various meats)
pH range is 4 to 9
1,000 HUT Breaks down protein peptides
pH range is 4 to 10
10,000 SKB Breaks down Carbohydrates, Starches, and Sugars. (bread, potatoes)
Beta Glucanase
pH range is 3 to 6
25 BGU Breaks fiber and cellulose
pH range is 3 to 8
2,000 FCC/FIP Breaks down fats and oil
(triglycerides, and other lipids)
pH range is 2.7 to 5.7
3,000 FCC/CU Breaks down fibers in fruits and vegetables
pH range is 2 to 8
1,000 FCC/CU Digests vegetables.
(breaks down hemicellulose in cell walls)
pH range is 3 to 9
68 U Catalyzes the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen
pH range is 3 to 5.5
1,000 SU Breaks down sugars
pH range is 2 to 7
4 U Breaks down phytate which negatively
binds important minerals.
pH range is 2 to 7
20 ENDO PG Breaks down pectin.
(Pectin - important nutrient in fruits)
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose, Water), Rice Extract

Dandelion Extract

Standardized to 20% Taraxasterols (Root) (Taraxacom Officinale)

Dandelion Root is a common garden herb that has been used medicinally for centuries. The scientific name for Dandelion is Taraxacum which is derived from the Greek word “taraxos,” meaning “disorder” and “akos” meaning remedy.

Dandelion ranks as a top herb in traditional Chinese medicine and is believed to help purify the body and flush toxins out of the body through the liver and kidneys. It has also been used for stomach imbalances, detoxifying the system, abscesses, anemia, boils, gallstones, breast tumors, cirrhosis of the liver, constipation, fluid retention, hepatitis, jaundice and rheumatism. Dandelion has also been used in Native American and Arabian medicine. Dandelion root is currently being used in Europe for gastrointestinal imbalances.

Dandelion may act to increase bile production, and many believe it reduces serum cholesterol and uric acid levels. Many also believe that when taking dandelion root it may help prevent gallstones from forming in the gallbladder.

Yellow Dock Extract

Standardized (4:1) (Root) (Rumex Crispus)

Yellow Dock Extract has a ratio of 4:1 of concentrated active ingredient over Yellow Dock Powder.

Yellow Dock (Rumex Crispus) is also known as curly dock. It is used traditionally as a liver strengthener and for specific skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema. It is also used for constipation, indigestion, and as a blood and lymph cleanser. It may act as a blood purifier and cleanser, and as a general tonic. Some people believe it may improve colon and liver function, help with inflammation of nasal passages, respiratory tract, anemia, liver disease, and skin disorders such as eczema, hives, psoriasis, and rashes. It is also believed to aid in cholesterol imbalances to help overall heart health and function.

Black Walnut Extract

Standardized (10:1) (Hull) (Juglans Nigra)

Black walnut has traditionally been used to treat skin disorders such as ring worm, athlete’s foot, herpes, eczema, acne, canker sores, psoriasis and other fungal infections. Black walnut is believed to be very beneficial as a remedy for poor digestion, diarrhea, and to help clean the intestinal tract. Black walnut is also used in traditional herbal medicine to expel worms, parasites and harmful pathogens from the body.

Studies have shown that black walnut may be useful in treating cell damage caused by the liver injury due to exposure to certain environmental toxins such as carbon tetrachloride.

Black walnut hulls contain juglone, a chemical that is believed to be antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and a fungicide.

Active ingredients in the black walnut hull include omega-3 fatty acids, sterols, tannins and iodine. Black walnut shells are rich in vitamin c and beta-carotene, B1, and B2.

Milk Thistle Extract

Standardized to 80% Silymarin (Seed/Fruit) (Sulybum Marianum)

Somewhere around the 16th century, milk thistle became fairly popular and nearly almost all parts of the plant were eaten. Milk thistle extract is made from the seeds/fruit.

Milk Thistle may protect the liver from toxins and pollutants by preventing free radical damage and stimulate the production of new liver cells. It is also believed to protect the kidneys and to be good for gallbladder, adrenal disorders, inflammatory bowel disorders, psoriasis, and many liver disorders.

Gotu Kola Extract

Standardized to 16% Triterpences (Aerial) (Cantella Asiatica)

Gotu kola contains various glycosides, alkaloids, triterpenes, sterols and tannins, and is believed to be a blood cleanser and an adrenal strengthener. It is said to fortify the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it and to strengthen the adrenals.

It is also said to combat stress and depression, increase libido and improve reflexes as well as help with skin impurities and blood pressure.

Gotu Kola has also been used for indigestion and urinary tract infections as well as many other things. Some studies in mice suggest that it may have an anti-ulcer ability.

Ginger Extract

Standardized 5% Gingerols (root) (Zingiber Officinale)

Ginger has been used for centuries in India, China, Greece and Rome, both as a culinary and medicinal spice. Ginger root extract is derived from the root of the herb Zingiber officinale. The medicinal form of ginger has been historically called Jamaica ginger and is frequently used for dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility symptoms, constipation, and colic. A common folk remedy for colds is to make a tea brewed from ginger which has been used to settle the stomach.

It is believed to have a cleansing effect on the kidneys and bowels. It has also been used for LDL cholesterol, circulation, nausea, diarrhea, arthritis and colic.

Ginger root extract is standardized… for gingerols…the active ingredient in ginger root extract.

Turmeric Extract

Standardized to 95% Curcumin (Root) (Curcuma Longa)


Turmeric is a plant that is native to South India and Indonesia and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is an antioxidant phytonutrient with anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is an extract from turmeric root which has been extensively written about due to its possible various health benefits.

Turmeric extract may help irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, gallbladder, kidney and digestive imbalances.

Its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the swelling and relieving the stress off an affected area to help blood flow more normally and allow the area to heal with less pain.

Whole Herb Powders & Standardized Extracts

With so many choices on the market these days it is easy to get confused on what product is right for you. There is one important piece of information you must know when deciding. You should know the difference between whole herb powders and standardized extracts.

A whole herb is just what it says: the whole herb plant is usually dried and powdered leaves, stems, and/or roots. The strength of whole herbs can vary depending on many factors such as the time of year harvested, soil conditions, plant age, weather conditions and so on.

A standardized herbal extract is an herb extract that has a guaranteed amount of active ingredient. The “active ingredient” is the chemical or constituent of the plant believed to have medicinal properties. Scientists have been able to identify the active ingredients and extract them to produce concentrated herbal extracts know as standardized extracts. Standardized herbal extracts have been used for decades to ensure quality and strength.

The reason standardized extracts have been produced is to guarantee the chemistry behind the product from batch to batch and year to year. Standardized extracts inform the consumer about the potency of the ingredient. There is no guessing about the quality of the product when using standardized extracts.

The Daily Detox contains only standardized extracts with specific active ingredients that are targeted toward specific organ systems. The Daily Detox contains Dandelion Extract (Std. 20% Taraxasterols). The Dandelion Extract is standardized to contain 20% Taraxasterols from the root. The active ingredient believed to have medicinal properties in Dandelion Extract is taraxasterols. Many nutritional products contain dandelion powder instead of a standardized extract. There is no way of knowing the percentage of active ingredient in the dandelion powder. It could contain less than 1% or more than 5% taraxasterols. This is one of the reasons why standardized extracts have more value. It is important to know what you are paying for and consuming.

Read Here to Understand How Enzymes are Measured

Herbs are measured in milligrams and enzyme strength is measured in units of activity. The enzymes listed in our formulations are listed in units of activity. The potency of an enzyme product is determined by the units of activity. The units of activity express the strength of the enzymes in the formulation. Another way to say this is that the more units of activity in a formulation, the more it is capable of breaking down. Units of activity are based on the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American Food Industry. For example, the amount of Protease in the Daily Detox is 50,000 HUT. This means that each capsule has 50,000 units of activity. Using these units of activity to compare different enzyme formulations is crucial. The units of activity in a product are what counts when measuring enzymes, not the number of milligrams or another measuring system. What’s important is the amount of the product is capable of breaking down. When comparing our product with others, and they don’t use the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), it’s almost impossible to compare the two products. So when using other products that don’t use the Food Chemical Codex, ask them what is the activity level equivalent to the Food Chemical Codex. It is impossible to compare proprietary blend products to any other. A proprietary blend is a mixture of the ingredients stated in the blend.

Milk Thistle2

The only thing the proprietary blend product states is the total amount of blend. They don’t state the amount of each ingredient or its activity level. Therefore, you don’t know what the activity level of each enzyme is, and this is the only measurement that is used when the supplier sells to the manufacturer for encapsulating the enzyme. For example, the ingredient supplier of the enzyme can sell 250mg that would equal 25,000 FCC/HUT of protease enzyme, or 250mg that would equal 150,000 FCC/HUT of protease enzyme. In this example there is a 6 time difference in the amount of enzyme strength.

This is how some nutritional companies might mislead their customers in order to increase their profit margin. They may use lower cost ingredients, and formulate a product with weaker/lower activity enzymes and label the product as a proprietary blend or list the ingredients individually in mg. So when considering to buy a product that states a proprietary blend or ingredients listed in mg, ask for a copy of the certificate of analysis that comes from the lab. Don’t let yourself be misled by a company using different terminology. Always know the quality/activity level of each ingredient in the product. Take a look for yourself and see how our product stands up next to others sold nationwide. We don’t mislead our customers.

Our enzymes are produced in an Organically Certified facility that is FDA inspected. Our product contains no fillers, yeast, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten or corn and is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. We use the highest quality raw materials to produce superior results.

We don't formulate proprietary blends to conceal the amounts of ingredients in our products. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting. We want you to be able to compare our products to others if you want. All enzymes are clearly listed on the bottle using the latest units of activity based on the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American Food Industry.

If you would like more health product information about these products please contact the practitioner that referred you to this website. If you came across this website by chance as you were browsing the internet contact us at 1-509-586-2997so we can direct you to a store or practitioner in your area that sells these products.


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