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A Broad Spectrum Probiotic

Probiotic Success

People are increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of probiotics.

Informed people are now choosing probiotic products that exhibit the hallmarks of quality, viability and effective delivery.

Probiotics represent one of the fastest growing and most reputable segments in nutritional supplements. A wealth of research, past and present, document the significant contribution probiotics can make to health and well being.

We have developed our probiotics for Inu-Max Pro with the help of a leader in patents for protection and longevity for nutraceuticals, Nutraceutix, Inc.

Nutraceutix, with a variety of specialized process and technology patents combined with many years of experience in the industry, delivers the industry’s finest premium probiotics.

Nutraceutix’s proven, patented LiveBac processes guarantee extended shelf life for probiotics, even at room temperature. Nutraceutix’s patented BIO-tract delivery technology not only protects our probiotic organisms from stomach acid on their way to the intestinal tract, but also enables a slow release, optimized for our probiotics to give the best benefit to the gastrointestinal tract.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria, naturally present in the body as an integral part of a healthy digestive system.

What do they do?

Living mainly in the intestines, probiotics are beneficial and essential to good health in several ways:

  • Assisting with food and nutrient assimilation
  • Inhibiting harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Stimulating the immune system

Why probiotic supplementation?

The delicate intestinal environment requires healthy amounts of good bacteria. However, these bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, disease, poor diet, and even stress. Supplementation and proper delivery of live organisms to the intestinal tract replaces valuable organisms lost to these and other factors.

The good news for probiotics is, unlike many other dietary supplements, more is better. Studies consistently show that even huge doses of natural probiotic organisms cause no ill effects for the vast majority of consumers.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of probiotics. Faced with a plethora of products and marketing hype, savvy consumers are now choosing probiotic products that exhibit the hallmarks of quality, viability and effective delivery. We have formulated INU-MAX Pro with only probiotics that are native to the human system and avoid all plant-based probiotics.

10 billion CFU per Caplet = 250mg

  • L. Acidophilus …….. 30%
  • B. Bifidum ………….. 30%
  • B. Breve ……………… 5%
  • B. Inantis ……………. 5%
  • B. Longum ………….. 5%
  • L. Fermentum ……. 5%
  • L. Casei ………………. 5%
  • L. Rhamnosus …….. 5%
  • L. Plantarum ………. 5%
  • S. Thermophiles ….. 5%

These ten strains of GOOD bacteria are native to the human gastrointestinal tract. Some probiotics are made with strains of good bacteria that are not normally found in the human gastrointestinal tract and are derived from plants. We have formulated INU-MAX Pro with only probiotics that are native to the human system and avoid all plant-based probiotics.

Also contains: Fructo-oligosacaarides (FOS) = 50mg

Our probiotic infused with Inulin (prebiotic) to kick start the proliferation of the good bacteria.

LiveBac: What is it?

Many probiotics on store shelves fail to meet label claim and many of those have no viability at all by the time they are consumed. Over a decade of extensive research, development and testing of probiotic delivery forms has led to a number of exclusive patented processes and technologies that allow Nutraceutix to craft Inu-Max Pro with outstanding shelf-life performance, even at room temperature. Guardians Nutraceuticals can even ensure that our products meet label claim at expiration dates – something that few, if any, other manufacturers can deliver with any level of confidence. Independent third party tests have proven it.

Patented LiveBac Processing
for extended shelf life

The consumer, having no way of knowing whether a probiotic product is viable at the time of purchase, puts their trust in the brand and retailer. However there are a variety of potentially damaging environmental factors even the most conscientious brands and retailers can’t fully control. Nutraceutix developed and patented the LiveBac tableting process to deliver high-viability probiotic products that are far less susceptible to these damaging factors than other forms. Products manufactured using the LiveBac process give Guardians Nutraceuticals and you the consumer the confidence that their probiotic products are the best they can be, even under difficult conditions.

LiveBac is effective for:

  • Superior shelf life, even at room temperature
  • Confidence that the probiotics are still viable at time of purchase and by expiration

Ensures extended shelf life: data compiled from LiveBac testing over many years gives Guardians Nutraceuticals the unique ability to project product shelf life characteristics and even provide a shelf life guarantee.

Bio-Tract: What is it?

Delivering a precise amount of an active ingredient at a predictable rate is the ideal. Until recently, reliable controlled-release technologies have proven to be too costly for nutraceuticals. Nutraceutix’s researchers have solved this challenge with the development of the BIO-tract controlled-release technology for nutritional supplements.

The BIO-tract delivery system provides a number of advantages:

  • Simplifies and improves dose compliance
  • Heightens active ingredient absorption and efficacy

BIO-tract is effective for:

  • Controlled, extended release
  • Acid resistance (sensitive ingredient protection)
  • Buffering (reduction of stomach upset)

BIO-tract tablets also offer protection
Capsules and ordinary tablets don’t protect ingredients from stomach acid, nor do they protect the stomach from irritating ingredients. BIO-
tract does both. It is ideal for:

  • Ingredients normally denatured by stomach acid
  • Ingredients that can upset the stomach

A patented advantage for you

Nutraceutix product manufacturers currently hold multiple international patents for BIO-tract along with a number of additional patents pending.

Certified GMP contract manufacturing
All BIO-
tract products are produced in the Nutraceutix NSF-certified GMP contract manufacturing facility which has also received an “Excellent” rating by ASI Food Safety Consultants.

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