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Our Advanced Probiotic is a Professional Grade 60 count veggie capsules - 5 billion CFU per capsule.

Perfect probiotic to build a healthy system at a very affordable price.

Our Advanced Probiotic Does not need refrigeration. Patented delivery system keeps stomach from destroying the probiotics.

Why Probiotics?

Probiotics are essentially "Good Bacteria" that the body needs to survive and be healthy. Research has shown our modern lifestyles have increased detrimental effects on our health and immunity to fight off the "BAD Bacteria" in our gut. To be healthy you need to build up these "GOOD Bacteria in your system. Our Probiotic will do this for you.

History of Probiotics

Probiotics Believed To Help Aging Process
The original observation of the positive role played by certain bacteria was first introduced by Russian scientist and Nobel laureate Élie Metchnikoff, who in the beginning of the 20th century suggested that it would be possible to modify the gut flora and to replace harmful microbes with useful microbes…
Metchnikoff, at that time a professor at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, proposed the hypothesis that the aging process results from the activity of putrefactive (proteolytic) microbes producing toxic substances in the large bowel. Proteolytic bacteria such as clostridia, which are part of the normal gut flora, produce toxic substances including phenols, indols and ammonia from the digestion of proteins. According to Metchnikoff these compounds were responsible for what he called "intestinal auto-intoxication", which caused the physical changes associated with old age.
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Antibiotic-associated Diarrhea
Some probiotics have been shown in preliminary research to possibly treat various forms of gastroenteritis. They might reduce both the duration of illness and the frequency of stools.
Antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) results from an imbalance in the colonic microbiota caused by antibiotic therapy. Microbiota alteration changes carbohydrate metabolism with decreased short-chain fatty acid absorption and an osmotic diarrhea as a result. Another consequence of antibiotic therapy leading to diarrhea is overgrowth of potentially pathogenic organisms such as Clostridium difficile. Probiotic treatment might reduce the incidence and severity of AAD.
May Enhance the Immune Response
Recent studies at major universities are gathering an increasing amount of evidence that probiotics taken on a daily basis can improve the body’s immune system. Our Inulation™ taken in conjunction with probiotics are proven to enhance this benefit. We live in a time where we are exposed to an ever increasing amount of foreign pathogens introduced in America through international travel.
Now is the time to take care of your health!

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