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Nature's Formula Inulation Prebiotic Instantized Supplement - Large Can
Natures Formula Inulation Prebiotic Instantized Supplement - Large Can

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What is Inulation? - An Overview:

  • Inulation Is A Prebiotic

  • Helps Promote Healthy Bacteria

  • Starves Out Unhealthy Bacteria

  • Helps Control Candida Albicans Yeast Infections

  • Safe For Nursing Mothers

  • Inulation Is An All Natural Water-Soluble Fiber

  • Proven to Help Lower LDL Cholesterol

  • Balance pH in the Colon

  • Helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Helps Control Diarrhea & Constipation

  • Has been Shown To Help Control C. diff

  • Inulation Taken After using Antibiotics /Helps To Rebuild “Good Bacteria" In The Gut

  • Helps With Mineral Absorption

  • No Pesticides used on Chicory Plants

  • Complies with GMO labeling regulations (Not Genetically Modified)

  • Our Inulation is from Chicory Root only. No other sources!

  • Safe for Diabetics, Has a Glycemic Index of 0. No influence on blood glucose.

  • Dissolves Easily - Can be mixed with any liquid

  • Excellent to Cook With and Gives Foods A Good “Mouth Feel”

  • Often Taken With A Probiotic To Provide A One Two Punch.

  • Helps Enhance Effectiveness of Digestive Enzymes

  • Contains none of the following allergens: gluten, components from milk, soy, nuts, fruit, eggs, meat or fish.


Why our Inulin versus others?

  • Circle K certified (Kosher Certified)
  • GRAS, USDA approved
  • Certified by Halal Correct
  • Inulation has an Average Chain Length of 8-13 monomers
  • Inulin chain length can vary between 2-60 monomers
  • Complies with GMO Labeling regulations All fructans (inulin/oligofructose) in this product can be analyzed by the following methods: (AOAC 997.08), (AACC32-31), (AOAC 999.03), (AACC32-32).

Inulin in Lipid Control

  • Serum and LDL cholesterol
  • Serum triglycerides
  • Cholesterol synthesis
  • HDL/LDL ratio
  • Biosynthesis of fatty acids

Inulin in Calcium Supplementation

  • Calcium absorption and balance
  • Bone loss
  • Bone density

Inulin in mineral bioavailability

  • Several animal (rodents) and human studies have demonstrated significant improvement of mineral balance, particularly (Ca++, Mg++) and bone density with inulin.


  • Reduction in toxic and carcinogenic bacterial metabolites
  • Reduce eczema
  • Control allergies & asthma
  • Regulate autoimmune conditions
  • Activate the ACP stimulation (improve macrophage activity)

Excellent Nutritional Properties:

  • Inulation has by nature an average degree of polymerization of 8 to 13 (chain length) and a molecular weight of about 1600.
  • Low Calorie: Not digested by human digestive system and contributes only about 1.6 kcal/g.
  • Soluble dietary fiber: Anti-constipation, colonic pH reduction, cholesterol and triglyceride reduction.
  • Diabetic friendly: Glycemic index of zero, no influence on blood glucose, no stimulation of insulin excretion.
  • Stimulates bifidus: Preferred food for bifidobacteria. Inhibition of other harmful bacteria, reduction in toxins and carcinogens, activation of immune system, synthesis of vitamins, improved mineral absorption.
  • Non-Digestible: Inulation - Inulin (Prebiotic) is neutral in odor and taste and only has 1.6kcal/g. It is a soluble dietary fiber, resisting digestion by mammalian alimentary secretions, alpha-amylase, and disaccharides such as maltase, isomaltase, sucrase and lactase.


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