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Natural Inulin Powder

Inulation is a prebiotic made from inulin that feeds the healthy bacteria in your digestive system. It is a non-digestible, soluble dietary fiber extracted from the root of the chicory plant used to help create a healthy bacterial balance in the intestines and colon. This chicory root inulin powder can be taken with a liquid or added to your meals and has a slightly sweet taste. Additionally, it is often taken with a probiotic in order to provide the real knockout one-two punch you’ve been searching for.

Best Soluble Fiber Supplements

As we age, metabolism slows and the effects of everyday wear and tear on our bodies become ever more apparent. To slow and minimize these aging effects, it’s important to exercise regularly and maintain proper nutrition. Eating right means consuming foods that provide our bodies not only with needed energy, but also aid our body's functions to ward off common afflictions of the aging process such as: bone loss, reduced immune capacity, lactose intolerance, heart disease, cancer, adult onset diabetes, menopausal effects, digestive problems and food intolerances. Inulation is the perfect choice to help your body combat many of these afflictions.

For the best single-source dietary fiber supplements, look no further than these high-quality yet affordable prebiotic fiber supplements. Whether you’re looking for a large can or you want to start with a small can, NWB-Guardians has got you covered.

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Fiber Function Plus High Fiber Natures Formula Inulation Prebiotic Instantized Supplement - Large Can
Fiber Function Plus High Fiber/INU-MAX - 170 gram container instantized inulin
List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.99
Savings: $7.00
If you want more water soluble fiber in your diet use INU-Max Fiber Function Plus: This is Inulation to the MAX. Contains 31 Servings.
Large Size: Approximately 90 Servings. USDA/Grass Approval. 100% natural Inulin. Inulation is a natural prebiotic that feeds healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Click Here For More
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